Thanks to so many for their support of Debbie’s candidacy!

“Debbie Gerkin is a long-time community member and a proven educational leader. She has served as a Principal in APS and has extensive experience in both the classroom and within the district.  I believe she will work for the success of every APS student.  She understands the Aurora community and the challenges that our district and schools face from the inside bringing a much needed voice to the Board of Education.”

Dan Jorgensen, Ph.D., Vice President, APS Board of Education

“When I was Debbie’s supervisor in Aurora, she was an amazing principal!  She truly developed her teachers as strong instructional leaders and saw growth and achievement scores increase when she was the leader.  I highly recommend her for the Board of Education.”

Amy Weed, Retired Assistant Superintendent, St. Vrain Valley School District

“I’ve known Debbie for years.  She was an excellent teacher and principal and has been involved in the Aurora community.  She would make a terrific board member.”

Carolyn VonFeldt, Community Member



Colorado Education Association

Aurora Education Association

Denver Area Labor Federation

Aurora Police Association

Our Revolution Metro Denver

The Aurora Sentinel

Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado


Elected Officials:

Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County Commissioner

Janet Buckner, State Representative

Joe Salazar, State Representative

Jovan Melton, State Representative


Education Advocates:

Monica Colbert, Director, APS Board of Education

Cathy Wildman, Director, APS Board of Education

Marilyn Duncan, National Literacy Consultant and Author

Natalie Fetter, APS Parent

Diane Smith, Community Member

Deborah Backus, Former Director of Student Achievement, Chief Academic Officer, and Assistant Superintendent, APS

Selena Wright, APS Parent

Garrett Rosa, Principal, Vista PEAK Preparatory, APS

Jenny Passchier, Principal, Crawford Elementary, APS

Karla Neely, Assistant Principal, Vista PEAK Exploratory, APS

Caryn Jones, Teacher, East Middle, APS

Linda Damon, Retired Director of Professional Learning, APS

Jim Hogan, Math Instructional Coordinator, APS

Dave Schoenhals, Principal, Aurora Quest K-8, APS

Jessica Cuthbertson, National Board Certified Teacher, Murphy Creek P-8, APS

Lisa Toner, Principal, Peoria Elementary, APS

Kim Pippenger, Principal, Virginia Court Elementary, APS

Jean Dawn, Retired Literacy Instructional Coordinator, APS

Andrea Tucker, Principal, Lyn Knoll Elementary, APS

Ellen Kruschwitz, Teacher, Aurora Quest K-8, APS

Alice Gerkin-Brauer, Teacher, Hinkley High School, APS

Phil Gerkin, Retired Teacher, APS

Sarah Fanning,  APS Graduate

Charlotte Butler, Retired Literacy Instructional Coordinator, APS

Kasia Wasiak, Teacher, Vista PEAK Exploratory, APS

Dawn Weber, Teacher, Rangeview High School, APS

Rachael Risley, Former Math Instructional Coordinator, APS

Caitin Coyne Goad, Teacher, Laredo Elementary, APS

James Laguana, Teacher, Rangeview High School, APS

Judy Dutcher, Retired Teacher, APS

Conor Simbeck, Teacher, Crawford Elementary, APS

Beth Botos, Retired Teacher and Teacher Mentor, APS

Toni Pinkstaff-smith, Educational Assistant, Fletcher Community, APS 

Sandy Santillano, Secretary, Lyn Knoll Elementary, APS

Rockel Trujillo, Family Liason, Crawford Elementary, APS

Jen Rahn, Teacher, Gateway High School, APS

Cathy Kawano, Retired Teacher and Teacher Mentor, APS

Karla Fought, Teacher, Peoria Elementary, APS

Patti Shoemaker, Retired Teacher and Teacher Mentor, APS

Loni Dorak, Paraprofessional, Crawford Elementary, APS

Jodi Weil, Teacher, Peoria Elementary, APS

Cindy Gray, Retired Teacher, APS

Kristin Lewis-Neri, Teacher, Murphy Creek P-8, APS

Ana Cordova-Melton, Teacher, Crawford Elementary, APS

Cynthia Hurtado, Teacher, Littleton Public Schools

Sara Frank, Teacher, Jewell Elementary, APS

Judy Bleakley, Special Programs Coordinator, APS

Suzy Rosemeyer, Retired School Nurse, APS

Connie Anderson, Retired Teacher and Teacher Mentor, APS

Heidi Wagner, Literacy Implementation Specialist, Littleton Public Schools

Jean Cutshall, Retired Teacher and Secondary Math Coach, APS

Linda Witulski, Retired Principal, APS