Equity in Learning

All children in Aurora Public Schools must be assured the same high expectations for learning, as well as the supports they need for achievement.  

Children come into the classroom from different backgrounds and with different experiences.  They learn at different paces. One-size teaching does not fit all students. Giving every student the same thing for the sake of equality does not serve all students well. Instead, teachers must provide learning opportunities in an equitable way by embracing the strengths students bring with them, giving each student what is needed – different supports for some than others – and ensuring that content is taught strategically so that all students will be proficient learners.

To that end, District budgets must be aligned with District learning goals to support equitable funding of diverse student needs. 

As life-long learners, teachers must be sustained equitably, too, with strategic, professional learning around the content standards, essential skills, and best practices for instruction, feedback given in a respectful and supportive manner, and a fair and effective process for evaluation.