Parent and Community Parnerships

Parents are their children’s first teachers, and therefore, the first ones that schools should reach out to in partnership. Parents have a wealth of knowledge to offer in terms of understanding their child, making choices for their child’s education, and supporting learning both in the classroom and at home.  Even so, some parents feel ill-equipped to partner with their child’s teacher.  Aurora Public Schools must empower parents, teachers, and principals to form authentic partnerships that make our schools stronger.

While many community members do not have children in school, they do have a vested interest in public school education, as today’s students grow up to be tomorrow’s community leaders and decision makers.  Community partners are eager to offer support on a larger scale through financial and human resources, internships and mentoring.  These partnerships make our schools more robust and open doors for our students.  At the same time, our students bring their own wealth of knowledge and passion to the partnership as well.  Win – win!