Re-Elect Debbie Gerkin for APS


It has been an honor to serve on the Board of Education for Aurora Public Schools.  There have been many rewards and challenges over the last four years, and there’s still so much more we need to do.

I would love your support and your vote as I seek re-election in November!

As an experienced board member, I will hit the ground running and continue this work without missing a beat. 

Aurora Public Schools needs strategic leaders who will provide effective governance to accelerate learning and ensure equitable opportunities for every student, sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and the development of creative partnerships with stakeholdersLet’s build on what we’ve learned during COVID-19 and move forward by thinking differently, acting flexibly, and creating a District that works together by putting kids first.  

As we focus on governance:

  • Let’s develop policies that focus on our vision so that Every Student Shapes a Successful Future.
  • Let’s provide clear guidance for District leadership so they can do their jobs with confidence.

As we focus on achievement:

  • Let’s accelerate learning by personalizing instruction so all students reach their goals for the future.
  • Let’s be mindful of social emotional health as we recover from this pandemic upheaval.

As we focus on equity: 

  • Let’s ensure all students have the same high expectations. 
  • Let’s give students more of what they need, exactly where they need it.

As we focus on finances:

  • Let’s evaluate critical budget concerns and make decisions based on our goals and priorities.
  • Let’s use taxpayer dollars wisely as we meet the budget challenges that lie ahead. 

As we focus on community:

  • Let’s bring more parent voices to the table by creating more opportunities for dialogue. 
  • Let’s strengthen our communities of support by developing partnerships and hands-on learning experiences across the District. 


As an experienced Board member, principal and teacher in the District, the mother of three APS graduates, and the grandmother of three current APS students, I bring a unique skill set and perspective to the Board of Education.  I understand the challenges of administrators, the passion of teachers, the expectation of parents, and the eager desire of every student to shape a successful future.