Nobody works harder than a teacher, and Aurora teachers work harder than anybody!  

Aurora Public Schools requires strategic leadership to serve vastly-diverse student populations, communicate clearly with parents and stakeholders, and manage critical budgetary concerns in the years ahead.  Attention must be focused on increasing student achievement and providing teachers with high-quality professional learning.  All students must be granted high expectations for learning and the supports they need for achievement.  Community groups must be strengthened and more voices brought to the table.  At the same time, we cannot forget the whole child — or the whole teacher!

As an experienced principal and teacher in the District, the mother of three APS graduates, and the grandmother of two current APS students, I will bring a unique skill set and perspective to the Board of Education.  I understand the challenges of administrators, the passion of teachers, the expectation of parents, and the eager desire of every student who wants to shape a successful future.

It would be an honor to serve aSchool Board Director for Aurora Public Schools.  

Achievement    *   Equity   *   Community